A dialogue about Advantages and disadvantages of village life and city life.

Write a dialogue between Rahim and Karim about Advantages and disadvantages of village life and city life.


Karim : Hello, Rahim. How are you?

Rahim : I am fine. Thank you and you?

Karim : I am also fine. Where did you go last month?

Rahim : I went to my village last month.

Karim : Oh! Very good. But How do you feel in your village?

Rahim : Fantastic. I like villages very much.

Karim : Really?  But why do you like villages?

Rahim : According to me, village life is more charming and interesting than city life.

Karim : I do not agree with you on some points. According to me, city life is more attractive because there are many modern facilities you can have in city life.

Rahim : You are right my friend. But city life is very artificial. It is full of many problem. City people lead a very busy life. On the other hand, the village people lead a very simple and happy life.

Karim : You are also right my friend, But in cities, there are many good educational institutions, hospitals, clinics.

Rahim : It is true. But in the village, there have a natural environment, fresh air, blue sky, green trees, no traffic, no smoke, no noise, no pollution.

Karim : It is also true.

Rahim : Village people get fresh food but city people do not get fresh food.

Karim : I know that.

Rahim : Actually both the lives have their advantages and disadvantages. A balanced development can remove the gap between to types of life.

Karim : It is absolutely correct. I want to visit your village during the next summer vacation.

Rahim : Ok, no problem. Good bye.

Karim :Good bye.

Rahim : See you again.

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