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Geoffrey Chaucer:

Geoffrey Chaucer was undoubtedly a world famous English poet. His contribution in English literature was unique. He was the poet of middle English period. He was a representative poet of 14th century. He was born in London most likely in the early 1340s. But his born and date place was unclear and undocumented.

Geoffrey Chaucer was the first great  modernist. Chaucer anticipated the modern taste and the modern mind. He may be called the morning star of the Renaissance. He was the famous story teller. He was praised for his technical skill. He was a versatile genius.

Geoffrey Chaucer was the father of English language. He was written first pure English poem. He always try to beautified and enhanced the English language. 

Geoffrey Chaucer was the father of English literature. Middle English literature reached the height of excellence by Chaucer's magnificence. At first, he launched the social comedy. He was the first humorist in English literature. His humor was very nice. It had close similarity to Shakespeare's humor. His humor was a little rude and rough. He was the master of humor and irony.

His major literary work was Canterbury Tales. It was a landmark in the history of English literature as well as in the English language.

Geoffrey Chaucer was also known as the father of English Modern Poetry. Chaucer's poetry is full of poetic diction, criticism of life, liberty, wisdom, benignity and largeness of thinking. But his poetry had lack of high seriousness. His famous poems were 
"The House of Fame, Troilus and Criseyde, Nun Priest's Tale, The Parliament of Fowls, The Legend of Good Women, The Romance of Rose."

Geoffrey Chaucer was essentially a dramatic poet. He was concerned with men and women. He was also concerned about their passions and opinions, thoughts and ideas.

Geoffrey Chaucer  was the first national poet of England. The greatest world famous poet died in 1400.

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