People's awareness to fight Covid in Bangladesh | Assignment


Assignment Topic: People's awareness to fight Covid in Bangladesh.


In our day to day life, we are facing new kinds of problems. At present, COVID-19 has become a serious problem all over the world. COVID-19 is a disease caused by a new strain of the Corona Virus. 'CO' stands for corona, 'VI' for the virus and 'D' for the disease. Formerly, this disease was referred to as '2019 novel Corona Virus’. At first, this disease appeared in Wuhan City, Hubei Province, China. It was initially reported to the WHO on December 31, 2019. On January 30, 2020, the WHO declared the COVID-19 outbreak a global health emergency.  On March 11, 2020, the WHO declared COVID-19 a global pandemic. Bangladesh is a small country but it has huge population. So, we are very dangerous position.

People's behavior in public places and in public transport:

During the Covid time, people's behavior in public places and in public transport as same as in the normal time. People still go outside for their work, shopping, and other necessity. It creates crowed in public places and in public transport. Most of the people continue to use public buses. These are always crowed. It is putting them at risk.

People's maintain social distancing during the lock down due to Covid-19:

People cannot maintain social distancing during the lock down due to Covid-19. They go out randomly without social distance whereas they should keep at least 3/5 feet distance between each other.

People's behavior while moving from one places to another during festivals:

During the festivals time people's behavior is not good while moving from one places to another places. Most of the people return home together with their family but they do not know what to do wrong.

During the festivals time, they forget to maintain social distance. They go outside without necessity. People go their relatives house without reason. They create crowd, singing, shouting, and no maintaining physical distance. As a result, a community transform is started.

These unawareness is increasing the risk. So, we should not go native house, relatives house, and outside without necessity.

Reasons of their doing that:

There are many reasons of their doing that. At first, Bangladesh is a developing country. Most of the people of our country are lived hand to mouth. So, they have to go to earn. It is the main reason.  Without this, People go outside in many purposes. For examples, Majority go outside for their job. Some go for treatment. Lack of education and over population is the another reason for not maintaining social distance. 

The impact of such behavior:

Such behavior is very dangerous for our country. If we continue like this, our country will be full of Covid-19 patients. Many people will die without treatment. Some people will loss their job. Social crime will be committed in this situation.

My responsibilities to prevent such behavior as a responsible citizen:

Every person have some responsibility to prevent such behavior. Since I am a responsible citizen, I have some responsibilities. First of all, I can introduce common symptoms of Covid-19  in our area by campaign. Such as, Common symptoms of COVID-19 are fever, cough, fatigue, shortness of breath, and loss of smell and taste. The time from exposure to onset of symptoms is typically around five days but may range from two to fourteen days. I can also campaign its spread such as this virus spreads mainly through person-to-person contact. It is spread primarily via nose, mouth, and eyes. People may become infected by touching their face with their hand. I can also advise them, if you want to save, you must keeping social distance, using sanitizer, wearing masks, and taking vaccines.


Covid-19 is a very dangerous disease but we can easily prevent it. Isolation is a very important way to reduce spread for COVID-19. We should stay at home. We should always wash our hands with soap. We need to avoid crowded places. We need to take physical exercise regularly. This problem can be solved by public awareness. 

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