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Write a dialogue between you and the headmaster about your admission.


Myself : May I come in sir?

Headmaster : Yes, come in.

Myself : Good morning sir. How are you?

Headmaster : Good morning. I am fine and you?

Myself : I am also fine.

Headmaster : How can I help you?

Myself : Sir, I want to admit myself in class 9 in your school.

Headmaster: Very good. What is your name, my boy?

Myself: Sir, My name is Rahim.

Headmaster: You name is very nice. Where do you come from, My boy?

Myself : Sir, I come from Dhaka.

Headmaster : I see. Do you bring your progress report and T.C.?

Myself : Yes sir, Here these are.

Headmaster : I see. You are a good student. You got GPA 5 in GSC exam. I like your result.

Myself : Thank you sir.

Headmaster : Thake the form and fill it up. Then submit it with these papers.

Myself : Just it!

Headmaster : Yes, then you will be fit for admission.

Myself : Thank you sir.

Headmaster : You are welcome.

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