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Write a paragraph on "eve teasing".


Eve Teasing

Our society is suffering from many social evils at the moment. One of the worst evils is the Eve teasing. The term 'Eve teasing' originates from India, at the present time. Sexual harassment, often known as 'Eve teasing'. It is a regular occurrence for the women and girls around the world. Nowadays Eve teasing has become intolerable. A remarkable number of girls are committing suicide due to eve teasing. There are many reasons of eve teasing. Lack of education is one of the major reason of eve teasing. Lack of religious knowledge, don't believe in religious, lack of family education, lack of family relation, lack of moral values etc. are the common reasons of eve teasing. Modern fashion and over smart girls are also responsible of eve teasing. There are some impacts of eve teasing in our society. Sexual harassment increases girls dropout rate from school. Parents concerned about their daughters honour or safety sometimes keep their daughters home or marry them off at an early age. Girls who are teased or harassed are also pushed into marriage before they are physically or mentally prepared. So we should stop eve teasing as soon as possible. We can stop eve teasing by public awareness.  Government should come forward and take proper steps.  



From the above discursion we will able to answer the following questions.

1. What does eve teasing mean?

2. What are the causes of eve teasing?

3. what are the effects of eve teasing?

4. What kinds of problem may we face?

5. what measures should be taken?

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