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Write a dialogue between Rahim and Karim about the bad effects of smoking.


Rahim: Hi

Karim: Hello

Rahim: How are you?

Karim: I am fine. And you?

Rahim: I am not well.

Karim: But why?

Rahim: Because my younger brother is in the habit of smoking. I always insist him to give up this habit but he does not care at all.

Karim: Oh, This is so sad. I know that it is a very dangerous habit. It is injurious to our health. It causes cancer, heart attack, blood pressure and many other fatal diseases.

Rahim: Yes, you are right. I have told him one puff of cigarette smoking contains fifteen billion nicotine. This is very dangerous to our health.

Karim: Yes. It also damages our protection cells and brain. It is very expensive. So you should try to convince your brother as soon as possible.

Rahim: Thank you very much for your advice. I shall try to convince my brother.

Karim: Welcome and goodbye.

Rahim: See you again. Bye bye.

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