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Write a dialogue between you and a new person in PTI.


Rony: Hi
Lata: Hello

Rony: Unfortunately, I forgot to bring my mobile phone. Could I use your mobile phone. Just one minute mam.

Lata: Of course.

Rony: Thank you very much. Hello dad. how are you? Unfortunately, I left my mobile phone at home. I will late. You have take your lunch. bye bye. Again, thank you mam.

Lata: Welcome. Can we introduce ourselves.

Rony: Of course.

Lata: I am Rimi Akter. Could you tell me your name?

Rony: My name is Rony Ahmed.

Lata: What a nice name!

Rony: Thank you. Your name is also nice.

Lata: Thank you. Where do you come from, Mr. Rony?

Rony: I come from Harirampur. And you?

Lata: I come from Manikganj.

Rony: Why are you come here?

Lata: I come here to join DPEd training.

Rony: I am also same.

Lata: What is the name of your school?

Rony: I am an assistant teacher of Balurchar Govt. Primary School. And you?

Lata: I am an assistant teacher of Balirtak Govt. Primary School.

Rony: How do you feel here?

Lata: I feel better. This place is very nice. All the teachers are very friendly specially Roksana Jaman mam. And you?

Rony: I also feel better.

Lata: Nice to meet you.

Rony: Nice to meet you too.

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