Celebration of Christmas | Paragraph



Christmas is a great annual festival for Christians religious people. The Christians observe the birth day of Jesus Christ on the 25th December every year. This day is known as the 'Christmas Day'. In Bengali, it is called Boro Din. The Christians people celebrate this day every year with great joy. About one year ago, I celebrated Christmas in my village with my family. It comes with great pleaser and joy. It was very enjoyable day in my life. It was a national holiday. On that day, I got up early in the morning. At first, I took my birth. Then I put on my new dress. Then I went to a churches. I also went to my relatives house. Special dishes are made to celebrated this day. I made a lot of fun in that day with my friends and family. I also decorated Christmas trees. This day has a special significance for us. On the occasion of Christmas, we get a chance to exchange greeting among our near and dear ones. So Christmas is the source of joy for us.

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