Celebration of Durga Puja | Paragraph


Durga Puja:

Durga Puja is an annual festival for Hindu religious people.  It is an old tradition of Hinduism. The origin of  Durga Puja are unclear and undocumented. This festival symbolizes the victory of goddess Durga against Mahishasura which the victory of good against evil. About one year ago, I celebrated Durga Puja in my village with my family. It comes with great pleaser and joy. It was very enjoyable day in my life. It was ten days long but last five days were very significance. I went to my relatives house. Special dishes like khichuri, Payesh, Polao, Korma etc. are made to celebrated this day. I made a lot of fun in that day with my friends and family. This day has a special significance for us. On the occasion of Durga Puja, we get a chance to exchange greeting among our near and dear ones. So Durga Puja is the source of joy for us.

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