Mobile Phone | Paragraph on Uses and Abuses of mobile phone


Mobile Phone / Uses and Abuses of Mobile Phone:

Mobile phone is a telephone system that works without any wire. It is one of the best wonderful  invention of modern science. It has added a new dimension to our life and to communication system. It is a very important factor in our life. It is highly useful. Today we cannot do without a mobile phone. It is one of the best medium of communication. Mobile phone has made our life easy and comfortable. It has brought the world within our closed fist. We can send news to our near and dear ones instantly by using mobile phone. We can carry it easily and quickly from place to place. Its utility in global communication. It is equally useful in all spheres of life and for all professionals. Every scientific invention has some uses and abuses. Mobile phone has some abuses. If a user continues his conversation for more than two minutes the blood pressure gets high, brain barrier gets damaged and red blood cells get affected. Scientist have recently discovered that mobile phone can cause cancer to the users. The criminals can carry out their operations with the help of mobile phones. It is doing a lot of harm to the teenagers. It has become a fashion with the young people. Young people are so much addicted to mobile phone. So their study is greatly hampered. Over use of mobile phone makes eyesight weak and wastage of time. In spite of these there is no better alternative to mobile phone to make the latest civilization for communication.

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Mobile Phone ( Paragraph )

 Mobile Phone is a wonderful gift of modern science. It is a modern version of the telephone. It is portable. A man can use it standing at any place. It has brought a great change in the communication sector. It has also made the world closer. It has become a part and parcel of our daily life. We can talk to others within a few seconds through mobile phones. We can transmit and receive video calls and SMS for communication purposes through mobile phones. It works instantly with the help of a network. we can communicate with the members of our families, relatives, friends and so on with a mobile phone. At present, it is not only used for communication but also is used for listening to music, taking photos, sorting data, watching videos, net browsing etc. Even it is used for distance learning. A mobile phone has some demerits too. Excessive use of mobile phones is harmful to our brain. Terrorists do their evil deeds with the help of mobile phones. It also inspires us to spend more money. So, we all should be aware of using mobile phones.


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