Facebook | Paragraph on uses and abuses of Facebook


Facebook / Uses and Abuses of Facebook

Facebook is a social networking service and social media. It is an internet based social network. It is one of the best medium of communication. We use Facebook because it gives me opportunity to share my ideas, feelings, activities, interests with people. We can write comments on our own and ours member's status, photos and videos etc. Facebook has so many features. Messenger is one of them.  we can easily make video and audio call with messenger. Sometimes we find missing friend by using Facebook. We can make group call by using Facebook messenger. We use Facebook page for business. Every social network has uses and abuses. Facebook has some abuses. Young people are so much addicted to Facebook. So their study is greatly hampered. Over use of Facebook makes eyesight weak and wastage of time. Sometimes bad people do crime by using Facebook. Besides these negative aspects, Facebook has brought a great change in modern civilization.

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