Nursing as a profession | Paragraph about Nursing as a Profession

Nursing as a profession:

A nurse is such a person who dedicates her whole life to the service of the people who are ill, injured and wounded. The field she renders her dedicated service is called nursing. Nursing is one of the respectable and noble professions in the world. When people become sick, they become helpless and they need proper nursing for their recovery. A doctor finds out the disease and advice to take medicine but this is not enough for a sick man. He need special care with love and sympathy. A nurse is the person who gives all these to a sick person. As a profession, nursing is very challenging and hardworking profession. He or she is always busy. She or he looks after the patients. A nurse is very vigilant. She or he has to listen to the complaints of the patients. Besides, nurses need to be cheerful and caring all the time. He or she never feels bored. He or she takes care of the patients with utmost care and affection. He or she never makes distinction between rich and poor. In the earlier period, this nursing profession was mainly male dominated. At present, a large number of women are involved in this profession around the world. This profession is now considered as a noble profession.

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