Pen-friend | Paragraph on your Pen-friend


My Pen-friend:
Nobody can be happy without friends. A friend is necessary to live in the social being. There are two ways to make friendship. One is direct and another is pen friend. A pen friend is such a friend who become through pen or letter or virtual. He or she lives outside the country. In general, every man has so many friends. Though I have a lot of friends. Be among them, Mr. James is my pen friend. He is an Italian. He lives in Prato, Italy. He is a teacher of a primary school. His father name is Mr. Marko. His father is also a school teacher. His mother name is Maria. She is a housewife. He got married two years ago. His wife is a nurse. I known him for almost ten years. When I was in class ten, I first met him by facebook. We are always connected by facebook. We are very co-operative, friendly, as well as sympathetic to each other. Mr. Jemes has many good qualities as a human being. He is very polite. He is very careful and sincere on his duty. I have never heard him to be anxious in any problem. He always tries to keep himself calm to solve the problems. He leads a very simple life. He works very hard. He is very helpful. I feel proud of my pen friend very much.

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