YouTube | Paragraph on uses and abuses of YouTube or merits and demerits of youtube or advantages and disadvantages of youtube


Uses and abuses of YouTube:

Youtube is a virtual video platform. It is an American online video sharing and social media platform. It is a popular video sharing website where  users can upload their own videos. They can also watch, like, comment and share their own and other's users videos. It gives us opportunity to share our ideas, feelings, interests, activities with people. We get many news and information from youtube. Sometimes it gives us joy. It also refreshes our mind. It  plays a significant role in trade and commerce. At present, Youtube based e-commerce has become very popular all over the world. It gives customers the opportunity to buy thing without going to market. Every social network have some abuses. Youtube is no exception. It is doing a lot of harm to the teenagers. Young people are so much addicted to youtube. So their study is greatly hampered. Over use of youtube makes eyesight weak and wastage of time. Sometimes bad people do crime and give wrong information by using youtube. Besides these negative aspects, youtube has brought a great change in modern civilization.

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