Importance of DPEd training for Primary Teachers ( Article )

Importance of DPEd Training for Primary Teacher
                                                                             By Md.Oyahidul Islam & Lutfunnaher

DPEd is an in-service training course. Its full form is Diploma in Primary Education. This training course is only for primary teachers. Both the assistant teachers and the headmasters of primary school have to complete their DPEd course. DPEd course is controlled by NAPE. DPEd course start from 2012. At first DPEd certificate is given by IER, Dhaka University. But at present, it is given by NAPE. Total DPEd training course is divided into 4 terms. It is very important for primary teachers.  It increases the quality of teaching and learning activities. DPEd is important because it represents a good opportunity for primary teachers to grow their knowledge and improve their job skills to become more effective in the school. It improves performance and knowledge. It prepares teachers for higher responsibilities. It tests the efficiency of a new performance management system. Each PTI has a computer lab and library which improves IT, computer skills and knowledge of the primary teachers.  This course also improves drawing and singing skills of the primary teachers. From DPEd training the teachers can learn subject knowledge, pedagogical knowledge, and expressive art. The teachers also can learn practical knowledge of different subjects and physical training from DPEd course. Every morning physical exercise is compulsory in DPEd course. It helps the teachers for good health and makes the teachers punctual about their duties. From DPEd course teachers can learn how to do social work. They can apply this experience in their professional and personal life.

So, we can say that DPEd course is very important for every primary teacher.

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