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William Wordsworth:

William Wordsworth was the father of  Romantic Age. He was a Poet of Nature. He was also known as the poet of Childhood. He was born in 1770. He was the  Lake Poet. He became a Poet Laureate in 1839. He was a believer in Pantheism. He was addicted to opium. He died in 1850 at the age of 80 in  England.

Famous books of poem:

  •  Lyrical Ballads.

Famous Play

  • The Borderers

Famous Poems:

1. The Daffodils

2. Tintern Abbey

3. The Solitary Reaper

4. Ode on Immortality

5. Michael

6. Written in March

7. Revolution and Independence

8. Rainbow

9. The Excursion

10. Lucy Poems

Famous quotes of William Wordsworth:

1) Child is the father of man.

2) Nature never did betray the heart that loved her. 

3) Our birth is but a sleep and a forgetting. 

4) All at once I saw a crowd, a host of golden daffodils. Ten thousands saw I at a glance tossing their heads In sprightly dance.

5. Poetry is the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings.

6. Every great poet is a teacher.

7. Let nature be your teacher.

8. Poetry is the breath and finer spirit of knowledge.

9. The music in my heart I bore
Long after it was heard no more.

10. The best portion of a good man's life, his little, nameless, unremembered act of kindness and love.

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