Ill News Runs Fast / Ill News Runs Apace


Ill News Runs Fast/Apace
Toslima works in a big garment factory. There are about five hundred workers in the factory. One day she was busy with her work as usual. Suddenly a word came to her ear that there was a break out of fire from the short circuit. The news spreads very fast among the workers. But no one noticed if there was actually a fire. Panic seized all.
The garment workers could not decide on what to do. They thought that they would face death. Being fearful, they lost the sense of right or wrong. So there was a hue and cry. All began to rush to the ground floor using narrow stairs. Everyone tried to go first but nobody could do so. Consequently, some weak workers fell on the stairs and had severe injuries. Those who tried to jump to the ground broke their legs. Actually, it was an ill news. It was just a rumor. 

Moral of the story:  Ill news runs fast.

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