Transformation of a Poor Family


Transformation of a Poor Family

Kamrul comes from an extremely poor family. He has come to Dhaka with his family in quest of a living. His parents and his elder brother do some odd jobs and he collects waste materials to sell them for money. In this way, he helps his struggling family. One day, he was sifting garbage near Kamalapur Railway Station. Suddenly, he saw a chunk of gold in the garbage. He could not understand the value of the precious metal at first. So, he was not so interested in it.
But before leaving the place, he took the metal to his home. He showed his parents the lump of gold kept in a basket. His parents were overwhelmed with joy. They went to a local goldsmith and examined the metal. Later, they came to know that it was a precious gold metal. Their joy knew no bounds. They sold the gold to a reputed jewelry shop. With the money, they bought a house in the capital city and began to run a business. They shed their days of sorrows and distress. They got relief from the poverty and began to lead a happy life. 

Moral of the story: A Poor Family's Transformation

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