Story Writing: A Greedy Woman and Her Hen


A Greedy Woman and Her Hen 

Once upon a time, there was a lucky farmer in a village. He has a wonderful hen. The hen used to lay a golden egg every day. The farmer used to sell the golden eggs to the goldsmith and earned a lot of money. Thus the farmer became solvent within a short time.

The farmer’s days were going on well. But his wife was a very greedy woman. She was so greedy that she could not resist her temptation to be rich overnight. She thought that there might be many eggs in the hen’s belly. Then she shared the idea with his husband. Her husband did not agree with her. He told her wife not to be so greedy. They had enough wealth to run their family well.

One day the farmer went to his fields. The greedy woman got a chance. She took a sharp knife. She killed the hen. She cut the belly of the hen. But alas! There was no egg in the belly fields. She did not get any eggs and lost the hen as well.

In the evening, the farmer returned home. He saw his wife crying in a room. The farmer asked her wife, “What happened”. His wife told him the facts in detail. His wife begged pardon from his husband. The farmer said nothing. He only pronounces himself, “Grasp all, lose all”.

Moral of the story: Grasp all, lose all

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