Story Writing: A Fox without a Tail


 A Fox without a Tail  

Once a fox fell into a trap. He struggled hard but could not get free from the trap. At last, he managed to be free but lost his tail. Without the tail, the fox looked strange.

Then the fox made a plan. He called a meeting of all foxes. When all the foxes came, he said, "I have made a great discovery. Is there any necessity of our tails? Actually, it has no use at all. Without my tail, I feel so light and free. I can also run faster than before. So, cut off your ugly tails as I've done.”

All the foxes listened to his speech attentively and agreed to cut their tails off. But an old wise fox understood the clever fox’s conspiracy and said, "Don't accept his suggestion. The fact is that he fell into a trap and lost his tail. Now he looks ugly and funny. So, he wants us all to look like him."

Thus all the foxes understood the clever fox’s trick. The fox without a tail failed to make other foxes fool. He ran away quickly to save his life. Finally, all the foxes thanked the old wise fox.

Moral of the Story:

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