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Duties of students / Student life:

There are different stages of human life. Student life is one of them. Student life refers to a period of a man's life which he spends in different educational institutions to acquire knowledge. In this period, students prepare themselves for future stages of life. So, student life is called the seed time of future life.  This is the golden period of life.

The first and foremost duty of a student is to study and acquire knowledge. He must prepare himself for a particular profession. He must go to school, attend classes and prepare lessons regularly. He will work hard all the time. He must not waste a single moment. He should always make the best use of time because "Time and tide wait for none." Proper use of time is essential for a student. If he wastes time, he will not be able to reach his goal. He must know that success depends on the proper use of time.

Only acquiring knowledge is not sufficient for a student. He must cultivate good manners. He should practice honesty, sympathy, obedience etc. He must be obedient to his teachers and parents. He should always keep company with good people and avoid evil company.

A student cannot study all the time. He should take physical exercise and play games regularly. He should also take part in cultural activities to develop his personality. He should come forward to serve the society.

A student should have his aims. He will be the leader of his nation in the future and run his country. So, he should prepare themselves well so that his nation can be benefited by him.

Student life is the best period for preparation for life. A student must work hard to enrich his knowledge. We will shine in life if we properly use the student life. So, we must remember the proverb " As you sow, so you reap".

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