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A Friend in Need Is a Friend Indeed 

Once upon a time, there were two friends. They were living in the same village. They loved each other very much. The village people took it as a model. One day two friends were going through a dense forest. When they reached the middle of the forest, suddenly they saw a bear coming towards them. Both of them became frightened. One of the friends knew how to climb up a tree but the other was unable to do it. The first friend quickly climbed up a tree. He did not think about the safety of his friend.

The other friend became very upset. But he did not lose heart. He was intelligent. He knew that a bear did not touch any dead body. So, he made a plan. He lay on the ground just like a dead man. The bear came and smelt his ear and nose. It thought that he was dead. It left the place without doing any harm. Seeing his friend got down from the tree. He thought the bear might tell his friend something important. So he asked his friend what the bear whispered into his ears.

The first friend wanted to give his friend a good lesson. So, he said to his friend that the bear had whispered to him, “A friend in need is a friend indeed.” 

Moral of the story:

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