Story Writing: An Ambitious Crow and His Sad End


An Ambitious Crow and His Sad End

Once upon a time, a crow became very sad while thinking of his ugly color. He always thought of becoming beautiful. But he could not find any way to be beautiful. He always sought chance and means to become beautiful.

One day the crow got a chance. While walking through a jungle he found some feathers of a peacock. He took the opportunity of using the feathers of the peacock to fulfill his goal.  He stuck them among his own feathers. After using all the feathers, he was very delighted to see his own beauty. He looked like a beautiful peacock. He decided that he would no longer live with the ugly crows. He thought that he should live with the peacocks. Though the crow’s body turned nice, his behavior did not change. He was not able to keep pace with the peacocks. Soon the peacocks found out that he was just a crow in the guise of a peacock. They pulled all the feathers out and drove the crow away. He returned to the crows. Unfortunately, the crows did not accept him. At last, the crow realized his fault. Finally, he thought himself, ‘Over ambition and pride are not good.

Moral of the Story:  

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