Story Writing: A Foolish Crow and a Cunning Fox


A Foolish Crow and a Cunning Fox

Once there was a foolish crow in a village near a jungle. A clever fox also lived in the jungle. He often came out of the jungle and managed food for him. One day the crow stole a piece of meat from a butcher's shop. It flew away with it and sat on a branch of a tree. The cunning fox saw it and came under the tree. He was very hungry that day. So, he felt greedy to eat the piece of meat.

The fox thought for a while of having the piece of meat. He then began to praise the crow. He said, “ You look very beautiful today.” He saw that the crow was not responding. Then, he said, “You can sing very sweetly. Could you please sing a song? I’m eager to hear a song from you?”

This time the crow became flattered. So, it began to sing loudly. But no sooner had it opened its lips to sing than the piece of meat fell into the ground from its beak. At once the fox took it and began to eat. After eating the piece of meat, he said, “O friend crow, never be flattered by praising”. The crow became shocked realizing its fault.  

Moral of the Story:

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