Story Writing: An Ant and a Dove


An Ant and a Dove

Once upon a time, there lived a dove in a jungle. One day he was sitting on the branch of a tree. The tree was on the bank of a small lake. Some ants also lived there. That very day the ants were looking for food at the bank of the lake. Accidentally, an ant fell into the lake water. The ant became helpless. He tried to reach the bank by swimming but failed. He was about to drown.

The dove saw the fact and wanted to save the ant. He tore a large leaf from the tree and fell it into the lake water. The ant got the leaf and got on it. The air drove the leaf to the bank and the ant was saved. The ant became highly grateful to the dove.

After a few days, the dove was sitting on the branch of the same tree. A hunter came to hunt a bird and aimed his arrow at the dove. The ant saw it and bit at the leg of the hunter. The hunter screamed for pain and missed his aim. The dove flew away to a far tree and saved his life.

  Moral of the Story: 

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