Story Writing: Honesty is the Best Policy


Honesty is the Best Policy

Once there was a poor farmer in a small village. Though he was poor, he was an honest man. One day he was going to market. On his way to the market, he found a bag. He opened the bag and found that it was full of money.

The farmer returned home with the bag and asked his wife what he should do. His wife suggested him to use the money but he did not agree with his wife. His wife became angry and left the place.

The farmer decided to return the bag to its real owner but he did not know the address of the owner. He was intelligent. He emptied the bag and searched far and wide to find out the address of the owner. Fortunately, he found the address. He handed over the bag to the owner. The owner of the bag became very happy and offered some money to the farmer. The farmer refused to take the money and said that it was his responsibility to do the job and returned home.

Moral of the Story: Honesty is the best policy.

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