Story Writing: Sheikh Saadi and His Dress


Sheikh Saadi and His dress  

You must have heard the name of the great poet Sheikh Saadi. He was a great scholar. He was very simple in his way of life. Once, the king of Persia invited the poet to his palace. The palace of the king was too far. It was impossible for anyone to reach there within one day. However, Saadi started for the king’s palace. On the way, he took shelter in a rich man’s house.

The rich man underestimated him. He did not give him rich food. Saadi left the house of his host in the early morning and started for the king’s palace. The poet recited his poems at the court and enchanted all the courtiers. Sheikh Saadi put on one of the nice dresses. However, he left the palace of the king for his home. On the way, Saadi took shelter in the same house. Seeing the nice dress of Sadi, the rich man gave him rich food and honor.

But he did not eat the food and began to keep them in the pockets of his dress. The people of the house were astonished. They asked him about it. Sheikh Saadi said to them, “I took shelter in this house while I was going to the palace of the king. Then I was not well dressed. So you did not give me this kind of food. I think my present rich dress deserves this food. So, I am doing so.” The owner as well as the people of the house realized their fault and apologized to their host for their deeds.

Moral of the Story: 

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