Story Writing: Who Is to Bell the Cat


Who is to Bell the Cat

There was an old house in a village. A lot of Mice lived in the house. They were doing a lot of mischief there. They also did great harm to the house. The master of the house was very annoyed and made a plan. He brought a cat. As a result, the mice could not move freely. So, They called a meeting to solve the problem.

Different mice gave different suggestions. At last, a young mouse wanted to present a proposal. All the mice asked him to make his proposal. Then the young mouse said, "If we tie a bell around the cat's neck we'll be in a position to understand when the cat is coming. Before it's coming, we'll be able to hide. All the mice praised the proposal except the old one. He stood up and said, "The proposal is quite good, but who'll bell the cat?" Hearing this, all the mice began to look at one another and felt disappointed. 

Finding no solution, the mice eventually migrated to another place.

Moral of the story:

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