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Write a Paragraph about a village doctor by answering the question below.

a. Who is a village doctor?
b. Is he a qualified doctor?
c. How does he serve his patient?
d. How do the people treat him?
e. Why is he important to the villagers?


A village Doctor

A village doctor is a person who gives medical treatment to the villagers. He is a popular figure in the village. He is familiar to almost every villager. He is not a qualified  doctor. He is called a quack. At first, he starts working with a doctor or in a dispensary. From there, he gains a lot of practical experience. After that he opens his own dispensary  and serves the village people. Generally, his dispensary is not well decorated. His dispensary has an almirah, a chair, a table and one or two benches. He can deal well with the common diseases. He sits in the dispensary, examines the patients and gives medicines. He receives the cost of medicine. Sometimes, he goes to the patient's home. He works hard all day long. He also visits to his patient at night. Generally he uses a bi-cycle. In the absence of any qualified doctor, a village doctor is the main faith to the villagers. He plays an important rule in our society.


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