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Good Manners

Good manner is the best quality of human being. It makes a man gentle, polite and well behaved. It is a great virtue. It keeps a man free from doing evil works. A man of good manners is liked by all and is respected everywhere. He talks to people with a smiling face. He always tries to please others by his behaviour. There is a proverb "Good manners costs nothing but brings many things." A man of good manners achieves success in every sphere of life. A person can gain good manners by his parents, teachers and seniors. Firstly it must be attained from family. Student life is the best period to cultivate good manners and noble qualities. A man devoid of good manners faces troubles at every step and makes his life miserable. He gets no co-operation from others. Good manners indicates one's good background of his family. Rude behaviour is totally unknown to him. It can never be artificial. Good manner is essential in all walks of life. To be a successful man in the life, everybody should be a man of good manners.

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