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City Life

City life means town life. The tendency of modern civilization is to give prominence to city life. City life has unlimited opportunities. All cities have good schools, colleges, and universities. So city people can receive quality education here. The best possible medical aid and hospital are available in the cities. A city provides for better sanitation and good supply of pure water to the citizens. All the roads are well-decorated with electric light. There are better facilities  of transport and communication. So, people can easily move from one place to another. Good facilities for trade, commerce and industries are available in the city. There are a lot markets and shopping malls in a city. Thus city people can get what they want easily. There are a lot of restaurants where city people can taste different types of foods. The improved telecommunication system helps the city people to contact others easily. The availability of internet is another huge advantage. Most of the people living in cities are generally educated. A great many of them lead a life of comfort and luxury. But there are still a large number of day labourers. In spite of all advantages most of the cities are some disadvantages too. Traffic jam, environmental pollution, crime, higher cost of living etc. are main problems. 

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