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The Life of a Street Hawker Or A Street Hawker

A street hawker is a person who moves from street to street to sell his goods. He is a self-employed person. He is a very familiar figure both in villages and towns. He is very talkative person. He has a clear and sharp voice. He knows the art of convincing. He is a very clever man. He generally wears a strange dress of different colours and makes peculiar sound to attract the attention of his customers. Children and women are his main customers. A street hawker may be an illiterate person but he knows his business very well. He usually sells all kinds of daily necessaries, foods, clothes, cosmetics, toys, books, pens, journals, cakes, sweets, etc. He carries his materials on head or in hands and sometimes in a small van. He buys his goods at a cheaper rate and sells them at a good profit. He passes his whole day by selling goods. He starts his job early in the morning and finishes at night. Though he works hard, he leads a miserable life. Generally, a street hawker comes to sell his goods when the master or the male person is out of home. He often cheats his customers by giving low quality goods at a high price. Still he is very popular among women and children. He plays an important rule in our society. So we should have a sympathy for him.


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