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Write a Paragraph about Good Citizen by answering the question below.
a. Who is a good citizen?
b. What does he do for the country?
c. What should he know?
d. How does he help his countrymen?
e. What should government do?


                  Good Citizen

A good citizen is a responsible member of a country. He is also an asset of a country. The development of the nation mainly depends on the activities of the citizens of the country. Every man is a citizen of his own country. To be a good citizen a man must have some good and special qualities. A person, who always thinks of the welfare of the country, does everything for the country and even ready to die for the need of the country is a good citizen. He always plays an important role in the development of the country. To become good citizens we have some responsibilities. A good citizen must have interest in receiving proper education. He must be a good man. He should develop moral and mental disposition. He should be committed to his own duties and responsibilities. Truthfulness, smartness, honesty, friendly are the distinctive ornaments of his personality. A good citizen also has the basic knowledge about the country. He also has the knowledge of modern world and new invention. Student life is the best time to sow the seed of being a good citizen. So, we should be become a good citizens.

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