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Writer Introduction:

Thomas Kyd was an English dramatist in the Elizabethan Period. He was born in 1558 in England.  He was a famous university wit. He was the father of English revenge tragedy. He was also the inventor of romantic tragedy. He was died in 1594 at the age of 36 in England.


Lesson Introduction:

"The Spanish Tragedy" was a famous drama of the Elizabethan period written by Sir Thomas Kyd. It was Sir Thomas Kyd's  first drama. It is called the bloody drama. It was probably written in the 1580s. It had great influence on Elizabethan dramatists. William Shakespeare was inspired to write his play "Hamlet" after reading the play "The Spanish Tragedy". 


  • Hieronimo
  • Bel-Imperia
  • Balthazar
  • Ghost of Andrea
  • Lorenzo
  • Horatio
  • Revenge
  • Isabella
  • The King
  • The Viceroy
  • Pedringano
  • Serberine
  • Bazulto
  • The Ambassador
  • Alexandro
  • Villuppo
  • General of the Spanish Army


The Spanish Tragedy is a Revenge Tragedy. In this play, Don Andrea is a Spanish nobleman. He dies in a battle with the Portuguese. After his death, his soul returns to earth. Then he comes to know that Balthazar, a prince of Portugal, has killed him. In this play, The main character's goal is revenge. The Portuguese were defeated in that battle and Balthazar was captured. In such a story the main themes of the play are justice and revenge love and memory luck, reality vs appearances. The bloody handkerchief is an important symbol of this play.

Key Information:

  • Writer: Thomas Kyd
  • Language: English
  • Genre: Tragedy Drama
  • Subject: Revenge

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