Write an application to the Registrar for having google classroom in the campus.

23 October 2020.

The Registrar,
ARK University,

Subject: Application for having google classroom on the campus.


We bag to state that we are the students of your university. Our university is one of the best universities in Bangladesh. But our university has no google classroom. It is very important at the present time. Google Classroom is a virtual platform. It invites students to attend live instruction and record students' grades. Google Classroom also encourages parent participation. Teachers can invite parents to the Google Classroom to share summaries of student work and to receive automated email summaries of student work and class announcements. So, we need to have google classroom on the campus.

We, therefore, pray and hope that you would be kind enough to take the necessary steps for having google classroom on the campus and oblige thereby. 

Yours most obediently 
All the students at your university.

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