Story Writing: Bayazid's Devotion to Mother


Bayazid's Devotion to Mother

You will have heard the name of Bayazid Bostami. He loved his mother very much. His devotion to his mother is well known to all. One night Bayazid was studying while his mother was sleeping. Suddenly he heard that his mother was uttering, “Water, water”. Bayazid went to his mother but found her sleeping. Then he went to the pitcher for water. Unfortunately, the pitcher was empty. It was a deep dark night. But his love for his mother removed all his fear. He took the pitcher and went outside to bring water.

The source of water was not near. He had to go to a spring far away from his house. After about two hours he returned home with water. This time his mother was in deep sleep. He was standing beside his mother’s bed holding a glass of water. The night passed and his mother was surprised to see Bayazid standing with a glass of water beside her bed. She prayed to Allah for Bayazid.

Almighty Allah granted her prayer. Bayazid Bostami became famous all over the world. Allah made him one of his greatest devotees. 

Moral of the story:   

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