Story Writing: Two Foolish Rats and a Cunning Monkey


Two Foolish Rats and a Cunning Monkey
There was an old house in a village. In that house there lived two rats. They were so happy. They led their lives by stealing food from the house. One day they together stole a piece of cake. They could not divide it between themes. They started to quarrel over their share. As they could not make any decision, they went to a monkey for the right division of their bread. 
They asked the monkey to divide the piece of bread equally. The monkey was very clever. He assured them that he would divide the bread equally between them but they must give him some. The rats agreed. The monkey began to divide the piece of bread. As the pieces were not equal, one side became lighter than the other. To make the two sides equal, the monkey ate a bit of a portion from the heavier side and weighed again. But this time the lighter side became heavier and he again ate a portion from this heavier part. The monkey continued this trick many times. The rats could realize their foolishness and lose the cake. 

Moral of the story: 

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