Story writing: Hare and Tortoise


Slow and steady wins the race:

Once there lived a hare in a forest. There also lived a tortoise. The hare is a very speedy animal. It can run very fast. But the tortoise moves very slowly. It has a heavy shell on its back. Its legs are short. So, it can't move as fast as other animals. One day, a hare was very proud of his speed and cut a joke at a tortoise.

One day the hare said to the tortoise, "I pity you for your speed." "How can you walk with such a heavy shell on your back?" "You need not worry friend, hare," said the tortoise. "If you like, I can run a race with you." The hare sneered, "What do you want to run a race? Very well, I am ready. I accept your challenge." At one, both of them started. In a moment the hare got ahead of the tortoise. The tortoise was moving very slowly with his heavy shell on his back. The hare stopped halfway and looked back. "Ha! Ha!" laughed the hare, "You are creeping on far behind. Speed up, lest I will be half over the country before you reach the end of the battle." The tortoise said nothing. He toiled and toiled. "I may easily take a short nap and then overtake him," the hare said to herself. The tortoise was moving slowly with his little feet. He came creeping up the place, never stopping to look behind. The hare awoke and looked forward to seeing the tortoise. She sprang up and attempted to start on like the wind. She said, "Where is the tortoise?" From the end of the field the tortoise replied, "Hare, Hare, I have won the race."

Moral of the story: 

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