Story Writing: Grasp All Lose All


Grasp All Lose All 

One day a hungry dog was looking for food. He was walking to and fro to have some food. But he did not get any opportunity. At last, he was wandering around a butcher’s shop and seeking an opportunity to steal a piece of meat. After a while, the butcher went to the washroom leaving his shop empty.

The dog stole a piece of meat and ran away within a moment. Now, he was looking for a safe place to eat it. On his way, there was a small bridge over a canal. He started to cross the canal. While crossing the bridge, he saw his reflection in the static clean water of the canal. He thought that another dog with a piece of meat was walking there. He became so much curious to have the piece of meat. So, he barked at his reflection. Soon, his piece of meat fell into the water. To get it back, he jumped into the canal. But he failed to regain it. After hard labor, he got on the bank of the canal and thought to himself, “Grasp all, lose all”.

Moral of the story: 

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