Story Writing: A Lion and a Mouse


A Lion and a Mouse

One day a lion was sleeping in its cave. A mouse was playing nearby. While playing, the mouse came to the lion's body. When it came to the lion’s ear, the lion woke up and became very angry. He caught the mouse and said, "O little mouse, how dare you tease me? I’ll kill you now.

Hearing this, the mouse became frightened and begged for its life. It said, “One day I may help you in your danger." Hearing this lion laughed but let it free. Some days later, the lion was caught in a hunter's net. He began to roar. The mouse heard the roar of the lion. It cut the net with its sharp teeth and saved the lion.

The lion became very grateful. He apologized to the mouse for his previous behavior. He said, "I’ve learnt a great lesson that even a little creature can help a big creature."

Moral of the story:

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