Story Writing: The Judgment of a Wise Judge


The Judgment of a Wise Judge

Once a house master a very precious piece of ornament was lost in his house. He searched for it here and there but failed. Then he asked the help from a judge. The judge was very wise. He called all the servants of the master's house. The servants denied the charge. Then the judge hit upon a plan to detect the real thief. He gave each of them a stick of the same length and told them to submit the sticks the following day. He told them that the stick of the real thief would increase by an inch. Returning home, all the servants kept their sticks as if they were innocent. But the thief shortened his stick by an inch. The next day when all submitted their sticks before the judge, the real thief was easily detected. Then the thief was given his due punishment 

Moral of the story:

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