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The Caroline Period:

The Caroline Period was started in 1625 and ended in 1649. This age was named after Charles I who reigned over England from 1625 to 1649. Caroline is derived from "Carolous" which is Latin version of Charles. In this period, Drama was officially stopped. Because it was Puritan attack. In this period, Metaphysical poems were famous.

Some key features of The Caroline Period:

  • Drama Collapsed
  • Sermons, history, pamphlets and philosophy were written in prose.
  • Metaphysical poetry was the main product.

Famous Writers of this period:

  • John Milton
  • Robert Herrick

Famous Literary works in this Period:

  • Of Education
  • Areopagitica
  • Comus
  • Lycidas
  • On Shakespeare
  • To Daffodils
  • Delight in Disorder
  • The Night Piece of Julia
  • His Slitany to the Holy Spirit

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