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Brief idea of paragraph, comparison paragraph and contrast paragraph.

A paragraph is a basic unit of composition. A paragraph is a group of related sentences dealing with a central idea.

All the paragraphs have four components. These are the following-
·        Grammar
·        Organization
·        Content
·        Mechanics

A paragraph has a structure.
·        The topic sentence
·        The body
·        The closing sentence or conclusion

Comparison and Contrast paragraph

Comparison paragraph: 
The comparison paragraph which compares similar aspects or qualities of two subjects.
Example: Rahim is an honest man similarly Karim is also an honest man.   …………………………………………

Contrast paragraph:
The contrast paragraph which compares dissimilar aspects or qualities of two subjects.
Example: Rahim is an honest man but Karim is a dishonest man.      ……………………………………………….
Comparison and contrast paragraphs have two methods.
·        Block method (one side at a time)
·        Point by point method

Block method(one side at a time):
A presentation of all facts and supporting details about one topic followed by the facts and supporting details about the second topic. In block the organization, you group all the similarities together in one block and all the differences together in one block. Both model paragraphs are used block organization.

⇒all similarities
⇉all differences

Point by point method:  
A presentation of one point of a topic with a point of the other topic. In a point-by-point organization, you write about similarities and differences by subtopic. For example, if you are comparing and contrasting several wireless telephone plans, you might compare and contrast them on these subtopics:

Ø  cost of the telephone (similarities and differences)

Ø  monthly rate  (similarities and differences)

Ø  length of the contract  (similarities and differences)

Ø  reliability of service   (similarities and differences)

In the comparison and contrast paragraph, we  use some connectors .These are following
To show contrast
To show comparison
but, however, nevertheless, instead,
on the other hand, on the contrary, etc.
Likewise, similarly, in the other way,
 in like manner, etc.

We also use some connectors to show sequence and to introduce a conclusion. These are -
To show a sequence
To introduce a conclusion
first, second, third,
fourth, next etc.
in short, in conclusion, to sum up,
 finally, in a word, etc.


From the above discursion we will able to answer the following questions.


1. What is paragraph?
2. What is Comparison paragraph?
3. What is contrast paragraph?
4. How many methods of Comparison and contrast paragraphs? 
5. Write a short discursion of two methods in Comparison and contrast paragraphs?

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